NEPAL, a land of great contrasts; both the landscape and its people share this quality. In this beautiful kingdom two civilizations merge, the Indic and Sinic; two religions, Hinduism and Buddhism; two races, Caucasian and Mongoloid. To the North are people of Tibetans origin, to the south are ethnic group of Indian origin. In many respect it is still a medieval society. Though, modernization has affected the outlook of many Nepalese. Yet retains its’ stunning natural beauty and much of its simple charm. Nepal has captivated the imagination of mountaineers, explorers and manners of foreign visitors since it’s first opened its door. Nepal is Mecca for adventurous travelers and a visit is both scenic revelation and an education in itself. It offers probably the finest and the greatest diversity of trekking opportunities in the world. There are routes and choice of terrain to suit most people.
Nearly everyone will want to trek and thus we have different levels of trips to help you get the best out of it.

To meet the requirement of individual we have different catagory of trekking packages.