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Loben Expeditions offers adventure services ranging from pilgrimage tours to Mt. Everest Expeditions with more than 40 varied destinations across the Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet, Darjeeling,  Sikkim & Ladakh.

You can find both cheaper and expensive operators than us, but you can not find a better value. We aim for quality service and we don't cut corners in providing it as all our trips are lead by ourselves to assure it. Your journey with us will be fresh, friendly and a personal experience because we have been doing this for more than a decade.

Our goal is to provide information, expertise, and interpretation of very special places that we will help you visit. We do more than simply visit an area, we get into the depth by exploring its people, landscapes, wildlife, culture, history, food, and music. We have our own infrastructures for the regions where we go. We do not believe in sub-contract as we know that you are in search of quality experiences.

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    Since 2000,  Loben Expeditions offers adventure services across the Himalayas range of Nepal, Tibet, Darjeeling, Sikkim & Ladakh ranging from a day hike to Mt. Everest Expeditions with more than 60 varied destinations. Loben Expeditions offers comfortable adventure trips creating tailor-made vacation experiences with a focus on small groups offering top-notch guides- our passionate adventure experts can create the perfect adventure for you!

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