Expedition Logistic Support

Loben Expeditions having worked with many Alpine climbers from around the world, who too like to trek & climb in their own style, but do not want to take care of all the governmental procedure due to time constraint and required logistic support for the expedition, which could be difficult to organise by the expedition. We extend our service to such an expedition by offering the following services.

  • All necessary paperwork for the expedition
  • An arrangement of permit
  • An arrangement of hotel and airport transport
  • An arrangement of porters to carry expedition gears to basecamp
  • Booking of domestic flight and cargo of equipment to a trailhead, wherever required
  • An arrangement of transport to a trailhead and back
  • Basecamp tents, food, fuel, dining tent and toilet tent 
  • Cook and kitchen boys at Base camp
  • Basecamp staff
  • Supply of butane gas, snow bars, solar panel and generator
  • International cargo clearance etc. 

We extend our logistic support to an expedition for the climbing in  Nepal, Tibet, India and Pakistan. 


Expedition Logistic Support Package(s)