Visa Information


People of all nationalities; require valid passport and visa to visit India. Visas are issued at Indian Embassies or consulates (email us for your nearest Indian Embassy). They are valid for 120 days and must be obtained no more six months before your arrival in India. If your trip is extended to Tibet, Bhutan or Nepal then a double/multi-entry visa is necessary to obtain beforehand, so that you can re-enter to India on the same visa. While applying for Indian visa, your passport should have at least six months of validity. If your itinerary is to visit India after Nepal then at least 6 days is required to obtain the visa in Kathmandu in case you haven't obtained beforehand.

INNER LINE PERMIT: In addition to an Indian visa, foreign travelers traveling to Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh or any other restricted area must be obtained Inner Line permit (ILP), which can be obtained while applying for the Indian visa. Please email us if you required more info.

People coming for an expedition to Indian should possess "X" visa. Email us for more details.


You can obtain visas in most of the countries where there is a Nepalese Embassies or consulates aboard or upon arrival at the entry port of Nepal, or at an official border crossing with India. But the chief advantage in obtaining a visa in advance lies in the time and potential hassle saved on arrival. Each application should be accompanied by one passport size photograph. Visa application form & fee structure). No visa fee is required to visit Nepal for first 3 days of entry. Visa fee is US$ 30 for single entry and the US$ 50 for double entry. For more up to date details please check


A Chinese visa is required to enter Tibet, that comes on a group as GROUP VISA. Individual visa stamp is not labeled in the passport. Chinese Mainland visa is not valid for entering Tibet neither for climbing. Provided all the details during booking, Loben Expeditions take care of official document & clearance to get a visa for Tibet. One won't have to go in person to obtain the visa, Loben Expeditions operation section will look out this part. A passport, valid for at least six months beyond the return date of your trip, is required.


Visa for Bhutan is processed & arranged by Loben Expeditions. No foreign mission grants Bhutan tourist visa. All passport details should be forwarded at least 3 weeks prior to the date of arrival and can be mailed in advance and a visa clearance number is issued. Visa clearance number passengers is required while issuing Druk air tickets and even for passengers traveling by surface through Phuntsholing the visa clearance number is required.