Travel Info

  • Our trekking grade

    The following grading will assist you to select the most suitable trek. To make the most of your holiday it is essential that you choose a trek which is well within your capabilities. All our treks are graded and clearly marked at the top of each trip description. We also urge you to speak/email to our office staff who can…

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  • Personal gears for expedition


    1. Double Plastic Climbing Boots. Suggest: Scarpa Invernos, or One Sport Everest. 
    2. Light hiking boots.
    3. Crampons.  Suggested: Charlet Moser Super 12 Rapidfix Lanieres, Grivel G12 New-Matic, or Black Diamond Sabertooth.
    4. Gaiters.   Not needed with One Sport Everest Boots.
    5. Booties.  Polar guard.  Optional. Wool or pile socks.
    6. 04 pair of Heavyweight wool or synthetic socks (wool is warmer) to…

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  • Reserving a trip

    Please take your time reviewing our information about the trips that we offer. We want you to be sure you choose the trip that best suits your interests. If you have any questions, please email us at any time. We are here to assist you in any way possible and to provide you with more detail information. It is important…

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  • Visa Information


    People of all nationalities; require valid passport and visa to visit India. Visas are issued at Indian Embassies or consulates (email us for your nearest Indian Embassy). They are valid for 120 days and must be obtained no more six months before your arrival in India. If your trip are extended to Tibet, Bhutan or Nepal then…

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